So much more than standard pest control services!

We provide pest control services which include all the 'normal' stuff - mice, spiders, roaches, bats, ants, bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, etc - but we also offer services such as nuisance wildlife trapping, preventative maintenance programs to help keep the critters away, tree care and brush removal to limit the habitat of pests, natural or chemical free options, and biological/ecological services such as honeybee management for anyone who wants to keep bees but doesn't know where to start.  

For a quick review of our skills and education, see our qualifications page. To see what others have to say about working with us, check out our testimonials.


We believe strongly in cultural control measures which inhibit the establishment, reproduction, or survival of pests without using any chemicals. An example would be instituting a perimeter around the house and removing ground cover/low lying brush in order to make it more difficult for mice to access the building because they have to cross an open area where it is easy for predators to spot them. Mosquitoes can also be greatly reduced through cultural control.

We are also happy to provide knowledge/advice to home, business and cottage owners in order to help reduce pests on the property. We offer a training service to permanently seal the dwelling from bats, mice or other critters. We'll come in with the proper materials, show you how to spot where the pests are getting in, and teach you how to seal effectively; a perfect service for the do-it-yourself types who just need a little know-how. 


Rental cottage properties are high traffic areas. With that high traffic comes a higher risk of bedbugs, roaches and other pests that tag along from cities to cottage country. We offer an affordable monthly service package, enhancing your listing's competitive advantage.  

Eco-Choice Pest Control has been operational since 2011 and is based out of Minden, near Haliburton. We cover a large service area from Durham Region, the Kawarthas, Haliburton Highlands, Highlands East, Peterborough and the Muskokas.

So what makes us the 'Eco Choice'?

We get asked this question all the time, and we love it! Believe us, we don't like to bash our competitors because in a lot of cases, they do a good job. We are proud to operate a little differently though, and are happy to share why. The first reason is our combined education. We have a biologist, ecologist, licensed trapper and beekeeper on staff, which provides us with an incredible scientific knowledge of pest biology, anatomy, habitat, routes of travel, behaviour and safe management practices. This advanced understanding allows us to target our approach to a specific, effective area. We are forever reading scientific papers and attending conferences to learn more about the creatures we battle. We also have earned more pesticide licenses than anyone else servicing the area, so we know our bugs!  

Trained technicians are very hard to come by in the pest control industry and often techs will learn on the job. In an effort to complete many jobs per day, they often exercise a 'splash and dash' mentality with regards to pesticides. We don't employ technicians, we employ scientists, and ones who know better than to just splash a bunch of chemical around hoping to use enough to fix the problem. We know that we all enjoy a shared environment and any chemical we apply on your property is truly in our own back yard. We love the clean air, the lakes and the natural beauty that surround us, and we are in this industry to protect it. Unfortunately, we can't always avoid the use of the end, we need to get the job done to be competitive, but we can limit the amount we use, the type we use and we can choose the treatment regime wisely. We will always refuse to use pesticides in the Neonicotinoid family outdoors (the pesticide believed to be contributing to CCD, or colony collapse disorder, in honeybees. After all, we're bee keepers too!) We offer an eco friendly, chemical free option for most of our services and leave the decision up to you.  

We like to say that any inspection we do comes with a free education. Responsible pest control combines measures under IPM, or integrated pest management. There are lots of little things that can be done to limit pest harbourage or access, and most don't need a professional to be carried out. We'll give you tips to keep the critters out!  

This is all a lot of fancy talk, but anyone can say it. If you aren't convinced, check out our Biology Services page to see some of our experience and the unique services we offer.