Many of us view mice as 'just part of being in the country' which is a great attitude for a few mice who get in occasionally when it starts to get cold outside. I mean, who can blame them, right?

There are, however, serious implications from extended exposure to mice and their droppings. Deer mice, the most prominent household invader in our area, are the most common carrier of the potentially deadly hantavirus. Mice can release up to 3000 microdroplets of urine every 24 hours! That's a lot of pee in your kitchen cupboards. And the droppings? One deer mouse excrement can transmit salmonella for 3 months! 

Small deer mouse

A deer mouse, named for its brown back and white underside, resembling the colouration of white-tailed deer. 

Mouse tracks in fresh snow

Mouse tracks in fresh snow. Footprints will appear larger in light, powdery snow because the animal sinks deeper. Tail drag (the solid line between the feet) is a telltale sign for mice. 

Ontario mouse species are abundant so we can safely treat your home/cottage/business without affecting the population as a whole. Mice are an important part of the ecosystem because they feed an array of other animals - foxes, owls, weasels, hawks and many other animals. We leave them in the ecosystem but keep them out of your space.  Treatment for mice is most effective when we target the individuals that are getting inside, as well as those in a small perimeter outside. 

We live between Haliburton and Minden. We've experienced the population explosion of mice the last few years, and we've adapted our methods to combat it. Our competitors use the same approach that's been successful for years...in the city. We combine measures, as suggest by IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to reduce harbourage and access into your home or cottage.

Our most popular rodent control program employs bait stations both inside the building, in mouse hot spots, and outside at regular intervals along the perimeter of the building. Price is dependent on how many outdoor stations are required, the interior work is performed as needed - we'll install as many interior bait stations as are needed without increasing the price. Both indoor and outdoor stations are designed so that mice can get in but no other (larger) animals can access them so no need to worry about your dog, cat or kids. Setup for this service includes an inspection of the building and property to make suggestions on how to reduce mouse habitat. 

Setup fee (includes interior):

$255 - 8 exterior stations

$205 - 6 exterior stations

$155 - 4 exterior stations

$105 - 2 exterior stations - suitable for trailers/mobile homes or bunkees, sheds etc.

Re baiting service fee (includes interior) - typically required every 3-6 months:

$205 - 8 exterior stations
$155 - 6 exterior stations
$110 - 4 exterior stations
$80    - 2 exterior stations

*This pricing is based on location and is valid for in and around Haliburton County. If you are outside of this area we are happy to advise pricing with a possible travel surcharge. 

Mice have a small home range so once the population is controlled immediately surrounding your home, the service can typically be performed semi-annually.

For situations where there is already a mouse problem inside the building, we recommend a 2 phase approach where we begin with a fast-acting, remarkably effective week-long regime to clear out any mice that are already inside and restrict future mice from entering the building. 

To treat the interior only - from $175 per service call

​Chemical free mouse service available! Click here for details.

We also offer seal-ups and training for the do-it-yourselfers who want to permanently seal the dwelling and keep mice from getting in without utilizing bait stations. This service is remarkably thorough because the entire building needs to be inspected and any hole larger than a pencil eraser is sealed. Other benefits of this service include decreased heating/cooling costs, fewer bugs inside and a less drafty building. The price to have us seal the building is from $2000 depending on the structure. Training services can be acquired from $100 plus materials.

Alternatively, we offer 'multicatch' traps which are live traps that capture several mice at a time - and sometimes chipmunks, squirrels, weasels etc if placed outside. Those DIY-ers who are facing a slight issue can purchase these traps from us and bait them with peanut butter or cheese inside the house, making sure to empty them every 24 hours to get the mice out of the house.

The Eco-Friendly Option

While the bait that we use is heavily tested to ensure no secondary poisonings of predators or pets, some people just aren't comfortable with that idea. We get it! So we developed a chemical free option for mouse control. It takes a little longer and is more labour intensive, but we can tailor a program to suit your needs. 

For anyone wishing to get rid of mice without using poison baits or chemicals, we can help!  

This program includes a monthly visit to maintain the service which helps to provide peace of mind for anyone who can't get to the cottage as often as they'd like. We can customize a program to your budget or the level of infestation. Contact us today for a personalized quote!