The wood roach, or red bug, is Ontario's only native cockroach. It is found in areas such as Georgian Bay or Muskoka where there is ample exposed rock, and they tend to get into homes and cottages in these areas to overwinter. Treatment for these roaches is much more straightforward than treating for their foreign cousins, who also make their way to cottage country from cities where they are plentiful. 

Typically the introduced variety is the German cockroach which, once introduced, can form huge populations in the walls and tucked out of the way where you don't notice them.

Finding roaches can be tricky because they prefer dark places like our kitchen cupboards or under appliances. Their excrement looks like little flakes of black pepper so can go unnoticed. If you go into the kitchen at night, turn the light on and look carefully - if they're on the counters they will quickly scramble. We have monitors available in our store to make detection easier.

Pricing for cockroach treatments varies depending on the size of the home or cottage and severity of infestation. The service starts at $250 plus HST and in most cases will be guaranteed for 30 days.