Environmentally Friendly Mosquito Services

Mosquitoes can be prevented in three ways:

  1. Regular treatment of standing water to prevent larvae from hatching. Mosquitoes can successfully breed in any puddle that lasts longer than 7-10 days. If the water source is on your property, we can help! 
  2. Temporary (24-28 hours) relief of adult, biting mosquitoes. Perfect for that outdoor party/wedding! More info on this service is below for your reading pleasure.
  3.  Manage brush on the property to prevent mosquito breeding grounds - improve the aesthetics of your property and reduce mosquitoes without a drop of chemical!


Of course, the most effective removal is a combination of these options! Contact us today for a personalized quote.

Chemical free mosquito reduction services available! More information here.

Outdoor events can be truly magical with thorough preparation. Unfortunately, they can also be easily tainted by buzzing, pestering, biting mosquitoes which can cause constant swatting and discomfort.

The great news is that you can plan for this too! The best defense is to treat the area 2-4 weeks before the event with a larvicide that prevents mosquito eggs from hatching. On the morning of the event (whether or not larvicide has been implemented) a treatment can be applied for adult mosquitoes. The adult treatment is effective only for the short-term, 24-48 hours, because we employ a solution that is environmentally friendly and breaks down with UV rays, or sunlight. Ideally, we treat the area early, safely and discreetly before any other service providers arrive so everyone can enjoy the day to the fullest. This way we can apply the treatment without interfering with any of the other touches you have planned to make the day perfect.

"The treatment worked great for our backyard wedding. The ceremony, dinner and party afterward were truly bug free. We are totally impressed with your service and would have no hesitation in recommending you to others." John - Peterborough 

 The cost of this service is dependent on the size and layout of the area. For example, a location surrounded by brush and long grass will require more materials and time. An area of 1 acre (205ft x 205ft) with maintained grass and perimeter would average $100 for the larvicide treatment and $250 to treat for adult mosquitoes on the morning of the event. 

Mosquito on a human

Don't invite mosquitoes to your party, let us help you and your guests enjoy a bite-free zone.  

Eco-Friendly Mosquito Service

The dreaded mosquito. Incessant buzzing, painful bites and itchy sores. We spend so much of the year waiting for the glorious summer months and then we're chased inside by these pesky insects. Not anymore!

Having an ecologist on staff helps us understand the lifecycle and habitat of the pests we battle. When it comes to mosquitoes, habitat reduction is key to eliminating them from your property. The only biting mosquitoes are the adult females, which aren't very strong flyers. They rely on areas of harbourage to move significant distances and reducing this harbourage will push them off your property to bite someone or something else.

Aesthetic improvement is a huge bonus to this service! We'll assess the property with you and discuss ideas, then we manage the vegetation to reduce mosquito habitat and harbourage. The before and after photos below say it all! 

Price for this service is variable but if we are addressing the entire property you can expect it to start around $1200.

Before and after picture of landscaping to reduce mosquito harbourage.
Before and after pictures of a lakefront landscape that has reduced mosquito harbourage