We believe that the best advertising is word of mouth. We also believe in doing a good job and keeping our customers happy, but don't take our word for it, see what they have to say! 


"You guys have been AMAZING in every way. Thank you so much for getting this done so quickly and in crazy sub-zero temperatures. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I’m so looking forward to enjoying a quiet winter up there." --Elana, Algonquin Highlands

"Ahhhhhh I know I don't know [you] but I legit love you. Thank you so much for taking the time to take my anxiety and obsessive cleaning from a 10 back down to a 2. Have a great day."   -- Sarah, Minden

“We brought  Eco-Choice Pest Control in to deal with a client’s pest situation that required some ingenuity. They dealt with the problem in a timely, professional and respectful manner.  They exceeded ours and our client’s expectations – we’ve booked them to do a spider treatment on another client’s cottage.”  -- Geoff Pheaton, Cottage  Medic

"My wife and I purchased a house with inherent and challenging pest problems.  Eco-Choice Pest Control's professionalism, friendliness and all-out relentlessness on our behalf not  only solved our pest issues but also made us feel that we were in good hands. -- Rory, Eagle Lake (carpenter ants, bats, danger trees, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, wasps)

"Thank you so very much for the efficient and prompt service. Ray was extremely informed and let us know exactly what he was going to do. Very nice man." -- Jeri & Walter, Twelve Mile Lake

"Last summer and fall were crazy!  In quick succession, our cottage had snakes, bats, mice and a destructive raccoon that broke through the screened-in porch.  Juliette and Ray from  Eco-Choice Pest Control became our best defence.  I am grateful for their friendly and professional services and have been recommending them to friends. Happy to report we are  rodent free…for now. "    -- Paula, Oblong Lake

"Just wanted to say how happy we are with your work. We have no evidence of mice! No bats either! Thanks for your expertise!" -- Carrie, Kennisis Lake

"Thank you very much for your services. You were very thorough and professional and we are very happy." --Kyle, Kashagawigamog Lake (fleas)

"Your treatments worked wonders for us last year and we were quite happy with the results. Thank you again for that." -- Dan,  Deep Bay (carpenter ants, wood roaches)

"I approached Eco-Choice Pest Control near the end of the summer about a recurring issue I had with bees. I believed there was a nest in a foundation crack of my garage but I  wasn't able to see anything, just a swarm of bees when I opened the door. I explained I had unsuccessfully tried some methods from the internet but before I could finish explaining, Ray  finished my sentence and knew exactly what the problem was and how to treat the issue. He also highlighted that timing was important since the  bees are more aggressive in the fall,  and with children regularly playing in the area I appreciated the warning. Eco-Choice Pest Control provided me with the fix so I was able to  treat the area myself and have had no sign  of a bee since! Thanks Eco-Choice Pest Control" -- Derek, Oshawa

Two boys watching the technician enter the attic above their room

"My boys watching "Darth Vader" going into our attic.  Great service. Very professional, knowledgable and friendly. 
Thank you Eco-Choice Pest Control ❤" -- Bethan, Minden 



"I can't thank you enough. I was seriously ready to sell the cottage but I am loving it again." -- Mary Ellen, Kawagama Lake

"Just wanted to give you an update that we have had zero mouse evidence in the cottage since you baited and sealed everything up! We are so thrilled!" -- Erin, Gold Lake

"Eco-Choice Pest Control was suggested to us when we encountered a problem with mice at our cottage. Ray and Juliette promptly attended, assessed the problem and suggested a  multi-faceted course of action. Within a  couple of weeks, we had excellent results. The service provided has been effective, efficient and professional and we  would be happy to  recommend Eco-Choice." -- Leona, Little Redstone Lake

"When we discovered what in the end was a significant and uncontrolled mouse infestation we were beside ourselves. Self study and the trusty traps were our reflex  responses; a  response that the mice were truly up for: round one to the mice.  We knew it was time to call a professional. It is without a doubt the best investment we have made.  From your first visit, which was educational and informative, your  team listened,  investigated and formulated a treatment regime that was safe, appropriate and tailored towards total eradication:  round two to the humans.  Four months into our management plan we are (finally) enjoying our cottage for what it is – a restful and pleasant respite from urban living.  Sharing the wilderness  outdoors and  relaxing indoors - there can be nothing better! Your attention to detail, professionalism and follow-up visits are a testament to your commitment to  customer service and complete  satisfaction.  We look forward to many years of partnership with you and your team." -- Fernando, Kennisis Lake

"Wanted to offer support and thanks to Eco-Choice. We contacted them about a problem with mice in our home. After a quick and easy evaluation, mice stations were set up inside and  outside our house. Since then, we have not seen one mouse, not even any droppings. Thanks Juliette and Ray for your expert advice and service. You can certainly count on us to  promote your business!" -- Anne & Paul, Newcastle

"We can only say that having a professional biologist consult on a pest control strategy is fundamentally different from having a technician come for a one time visit to install bait stations  and make a minimal effort at addressing points of entry. Ray and Juliette were out a number of times (some visits in nasty, cold weather) with the goal of diagnosing the problem and  developing a tailored solution. They brought a synthesis of science and deep practical experience to the process. The idea of identifying points of entry and addressing them was not just  lip service, it was an integral part of their service. They understood our imperative to address the problem in the immediate-term while also working towards a longer-term solution. We  came to very much see them as partners rather than just service providers. The end result has been that we have not seen evidence of mice over the last several months.  We put a lot of stock in feeling confident in the people we contract with. When faced with a problem like this one, we really see selecting a service provider more in the context of buying  a relationship. That is what we got with Eco-Choice. We really liked working with Ray and Juliette and would recommend their services to others without hesitation."   --Anonymous, Redstone Lake

"Good to hear from you! After you came last year I didn’t have any more little pests." -- Karen, Lucerne Lake


Large black ant

"I must tell you, you hire the nicest people. Matthew was polite and personable and seemed to go about his job with care and efficiency.
In the 5 days following the inside (re) treatment we saw only 2 ants and they seemed dazed. I’ll certainly recommend you to anyone of our neighbours who has a problem." -- Don, Horseshoe Lake

"Thanks a lot for helping us out with the pest control! The service was very friendly, informative and prompt.  Your ability to come out on short notice was greatly appreciated! we've been up to the cottage twice since Ray treated the place and not an ant in sight!" -- Henry, Redstone Lake

"Great work getting rid of our carpenter ants and Ray is a super nice guy!" -- Bill, South Lake

"Thank you so much!!! 
You guys have always been so great since we bought our cottage! 
We sincerely appreciate what you guys do!!" -- Jamie, Grass Lake

"Unfortunately we are not on social media to post a review, but would like to thank everyone for excellent service & information from the moment I spoke to you on Saturday evening, emailing instructions & treating the property quickly. Gord is awesome, very knowledgeable & friendly and we appreciated his professionalism. We will pass along your company contact information to friends & family." -- Linda, Straggle Lake

"Our seasonal cottage is custom built with hand hewn logs that are 150-200 years old. Several years ago we developed a carpenter ant problem that became impossible to resolve.  
Despite many years of at least half a dozen qualified service providers who all had to return a couple of times a season, we were never able to successfully address the issue.
It seemed like the piles of sawdust were endless and the structure of our cabin was at risk. We even had to replace several logs because of rotting from the tunnels that had been carved out. 
In one season Eco-Choice Pest control solved the problem with minimal intrusion and without overuse of chemicals. We have lived ant free since our cottage was treated by Eco-Choice for the past few years. 
It is such relief to live in house that isn’t being eaten away as you watch and wait, and know that your property has been properly maintained.
Thank you for the outstanding service and job well done!" -- Lee, Honey Harbour

"Let me say that from the first interaction with you, Juliette, my instincts told me that you were good people with a product that would help our pest situation without toxic chemicals which would be harmful to our trailer environment and the run-off to the lake. I entrusted you with our two, unlocked trailers and arrived yesterday to find all in order, as expected, with many ant (and other insect) carcasses in each room…much to my delight. You have answered my questions prior and post treatment with utmost professionalism and speed. 
Not only would I consider using your services in the future, I will be recommending them to others at [Campground]  who may be finding themselves in another “pesky” situation. 
Thank you again for your superior service and customer service." -- Linda, Kashagawigamog Lake


Black bear eating vegetation

"Just a note to thank you for great service with our squirrel problem. It was our pleasure to have you on the property and would recommend your services to anyone with a pesty  problem :)" --Stuart & Nancy, Kushog Lake

"Thanks very much for the speedy response - and glad in the end that the furry pair had made themselves scarce.  We really appreciate the advice on animal proofing! The invoice amount is fine - very fair. Again, much appreciated.  You've been a great business to deal with!" -- Bob, Billings Lake  

"Luck was on our side when we placed a call to Eco-Choice Pest Control.  It started through a referral from a very satisfied customer.  Before placing the call, we were scheduled to have a new ridge vent affixed to our cottage roof by another company.  During the call Juliette advised it was first necessary to remove the red squirrels before sealing them in, otherwise they will find a new entry/exit point … and fortunately Ray was able to stop by that very afternoon.  Sure enough Ray, who I’ve since named Superman, did come by and placed a one way exit door on our vent.  In no time, the noises coming from the roof keeping us awake with sound and worry started to disappear.  Ray diligently came to check on the status and observe the traps while Juliette was in constant email communication.  The service this team provides far exceeded my expectations.  Not only did the squirrel problem quickly disappear, it was handled in the most professional manner from start to finish. As far as the roof adjustment, that was not required as Ray made modifications to our current system, saving us the cost and aggravation. We are so impressed with Ray & Juliette and would be very happy to recommend them for any ‘pest’ control issue you may be experiencing." -- Peggy & Brent, Horseshoe Lake


Mosquito with red abdomen after feeding


"The treatment worked great for our backyard wedding. I’m not aware of any of our 40 guests encountering any mosquitoes at all for the duration of the event, as well as all of the  following day.  The ceremony, dinner and party afterward were truly “bug free”.  We are very grateful and totally impressed with your service and would have no hesitation in recommending you  to others." -- John, Peterborough

 "The work you completed for us looks great and now the sight lines are fantastic from the cottage. I can also safely say that we saw an immediate difference in mosquito activity! The  pleasure of working with you and Ray was all ours, you'll be the first people we think of if we need any of the services you provide." -- Angela, Blue Hawk Lake 

Bed Bugs:

Bed Bug on a mattress

"I was horrified, sickened and overwhelmed when I discovered bedbugs in my bed!  Thankfully, Juliette and Ray calmly talked me through the extensive prep work.  Then they  effectively and thoroughly treated my home.  I am now delighted to be bite and worry free.  An added bonus has been that we are now also free of pesky ladybugs and flies that had  infiltrated my home.  I highly recommend Eco-Choice Pest Control to anyone who wants effective, efficient and friendly service." -- Anonymous, Durham Region